Image may contain: horse and outdoorThe animals enjoyed having a couple of visitors tour the refuge after the first snow of 2017! Honors, the horse, is getting used to having visitors, and has decided that the carrots and apples that we bring are worth his coming to say “hello”! The cows and goats enjoying the sun after a day of snow. Bub and Goose enjoyed the fresh treats! Obie, the newest dog at Rikki’s, enjoyed a belly rub in the snow! Patrick and Preston loved the pineapple that was brought for them! Reese decided to pig out on the bird seed (it also had fruit in it). Petunia has a new best friend who brought sweet potatoes for her and her friends. The geese and the goats enjoyed seed and cookies and grapes!Image may contain: one or more people, outdoor and nature The cats enjoyed the company, and getting their ears scritched. When the temperatures get below freezing, the staff spends much of their time removing the ice from the water containers. Everyone who wants water to drink or swim in, is very grateful to have such caring and hardworking staff! Joey is an old favorite at the refuge. Obie spends much time looking for a friend to play with — but the cats are not used to the puppy playfulness, and hide from him. Jessie relaxes on the deck with some cats, chickens, and peacocks.

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