Check Meowt!

GET A VIDEO OF YOUR KITTY BEING CUTE …. come on … that’s not hard is it ? You kitty must be the cuttest ever, isn’t he or she? You say so all the time. Now PROVE IT !!!! And win $5,000 …. for you and for Rikki’s Refuge … Yup that’s right !!! This is big time WIN WIN … it must be your own cat, you take a video 30 seconds or less, submit it and if YOU win … you will get $5,000 and Rikki’s Refuge will get $5,000 .. I mean that is if you pick Rikki’s Refuge as your favorite cat place … but why wouldn’t you ??

Submit your video here with Kelly and Ryan

and you can read all the fine print and rules

here’s the summary
must submit your video by January 25, 2018 at 12:00 noon
video must be 10 – 30 seconds
one entry per person
USA or Canada legal resident (except Quebec ???)
with valid tax id number
18 years or older
you must own the cat
(ha ha ha, little do they know cat purrsonality!)
no hoomans in video
nothing bad, naughty or that would get your mouth washed out with soap
you must not be driving while submitting the video(!! I guess somebody sued somebody when they did and crashed)

and think about what YOU will spend YOUR $5,000 on !!!

You know what I’m gonna buy if you win for me, don’t you? Nums for everybody at Rikki’s Refuge !!!

Yeah, Opie