The Animal Rescue Site​ SHELTER CHALLENGE is back! Voting starts TOMORROW on Monday 5/4/15! Please make sure that you can log in to the new beta SHELTER CHALLENGE and that you have Rikki’s Refuge set as your shelter! Thanks!

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About Rikki's Refuge

Supported entirely by donations from kind and loving individuals, Rikki's Refuge in Orange County, Virginia, is a 400 acre, no-kill, all species peaceful sanctuary supported solely by donations of kind and loving individuals. The refuge is home to over 1200 animals of over 20 different species, including but not limited to cats, dogs, sheep, goats, rabbits, pigs, emus, chickens, ducks, geese, a chukar, peacocks, and more. It is owned and operated by Life Unlimited of Virginia, Inc. an approved not-for profit Virginia Corporation and IRS tax code 501(c)(3) corporation as determined by the IRS. Federal Tax-ID number 54-1911042. A financial statement is available upon written request from the State Office of Consumer Affairs.