Seven more find safe haven at Rikki’s Refuge!

One….Twoooooooo……Three little ….. four … FIVE ….. BIG doggies ….. Kiki’s cousins left at a high kill shelter when their sheep farm closed ….. very skinny, full of fleas, dewclaws so long some have grown into flesh ……. you should have seen them romping and playing and so happy to be together again when we got home to Rikki’s Refuge yesterday.

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This guys foot was injured in a parking lot … they think it might have been run over … he was turned over to the emergency hospital for treatment, then to Rikki’s Refuge. Nothing broken, but foot badly abraded … he’s getting healing treatment and therapy, here swimming in warm water, till he heals, then he’ll join the other ducks at Rikki’s.


This racing pigeon joined Pigeon Palace Saturday because he had a broken wing that hadn’t healed right and he can’t fly well.



Virginia Kincheloe Spay/Neuter Clinic (low cost spay/neuter)



(Please share this information as it may help someone in need!)

Virginia Kincheloe Spay/Neuter Clinic

452 Tv Dr, Fredericksburg, Virginia
(540) 507-7461

A low-cost spay/neuter clinic open to the public, the Virginia Kincheloe Spay/Neuter Clinic is the very first of its kind in the Spotsylvania, Fredericksburg, and Stafford, Virginia area. It is also, we believe, the first to be a cooperative effort among county government, private industry, and a charitable animal welfare organization.

This clinic was the lifelong dream of the late Virginia Kincheloe, a resident of Spotsylvania County. It is also a labor of love for all the individuals involved in creating and maintaining it.

Cat Spay $55
Cat Neuter $40
Canine Spay/Neuter:
5-50lbs- $85
51-70lbs- $95
71-95 lbs – $115



Progress! She’s not so scared now!

Remember the scared Siamese we wrote about yesterday? Here she is now, after being brought to Rikki’s Refuge…..this photo is from last night! Quite a big difference!

10653452_838141789543336_2426338597866306950_nKerry (director of Rikki’s Refuge) holding Sarah, the poor terrified kitty who came in yesterday morning. Had gotten thru an access panel in a closet and into a rafter area that was very small, only 18″ at the high point …. Kerry had been trying to talk the folks who’d recently gotten this kitty from a very bad situation thru helping her to be friendly. That was the last straw and the folks were distraught. Kerry went to their house last night and set a trap near the access port and thank god Sarah went in and mom went and got her this morning. She’s going to be fine and soon she should be adoptable. She’s a lovely young healthy gal.

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Our three newest residents at Rikki’s Refuge

Kerry Hilliard – poor baby, nice meaning older couple took her from a not so great situation, she’s terrified, love cats but not much experience, she bit, lady to hospital, she hisses every time they try to crawl under bed and pull her out, hisses and claws. Was working with them via email on how to let her calm down and learn to love them. They really did want to help, just so flustered, never been around a terrified kitty. Then she got thru an access port in the closet out into the rafter area over the overhang of the house. I went to their house yesterday to try and help get her out. It was an itty bitty space that I could not get in any further than about 24″ … it went way back, maybe 18″ at the highest with a criss-cross of rafters … I couldn’t even see her or catch any eye shine. I set a trap and taught them how to use it and explained about it and never never open it once we get her. Call me. So I went back over this morning after she’d gone in the trap. If you approach rapidly and try ti stick fingers in to pat she hisses. She is terrified. If you go slow, throw kitty kisses, meow and talk, she talks back, she bats eyes back. Obviously not a feral kitty. Their vet had said feral and to call me. But she’s not, she’s not even a mean biting friendly. She’s just a terrified gal. I was able to pat her thru the trap after laying down next to her and talking. The people felt way to overwhelmed to try and work with her. That had been the goal, to help them help her so she had a nice home. Anyway I brought her home with me. She’s so scared. We had a little bit of snuggle time before she bolted to a hidey hole. I’ll sleep with her for the next couple days and I think she’ll come round pretty easy. Hoping she ends up friendly enough to be at the education center with the others for adoption.

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This goose now has a home at Rikki’s Refuge! Here’s the story behind this sweetheart:
Goose who arrived unexpectedly in a batch of chicken eggs some one bought to hatch for laying’ hens …… he’s imprinted on chickens and has a minor birth defect … or do you call it hatch defect ….. in a wing …… unloved and unwanted till moving in to Rikki’s Refuge’s Goosey Garden ….. and then to Chicken City because of his identity issues …….



Saved by Rikki’s last night! Attacked by a dog 3 days ago, his owner finally brought him to a vet to be euthanized! Instead, Rikki’s was able to help! He’ll get all the care he needs and most certainly all the love he can stand! Meet Little Mack!

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We could not carry out any of these rescues, provide necessary veterinary care, nor feed and shelter these rescues without YOU! Thank you for supporting Rikki’s Refuge!