Ellie the Turkey needs help with Thanksgiving dinner!



Hi Ellie the Turkey here … I don’t know if some of you hoomans might be the right ones to ask for a hand here or not. I’m getting very worried. Thanksgiving is almost here. You know bad things happen to many Turkeys on Thanksgiving. Really bad things. Opie and Duke invited us all, every one of us 1297 critters at Rikki’s Refuge, to Thanksgiving Dinner. Problem is …. there’s not nuf to go round. And I’m a bit worried bout why we Turkeys got invited. Actually I’m getting downright scared. I’ve only got a day to save those of us Opie and Duke might …. well … you know … I just can’t say it. It will only cost $1 per meal … $1 to feed a cat, a dog, a horse, a pig ….. will you help me round up $1,297 so EVERYBODY can eat acceptable nums for Thanksgiving Dinner? Please help me …. I want to make sure everyone gets a plate … and no one is on a plate …. Thank you for saving lives by supporting the animals of Rikki’s Refuge …. www.RikkisRefuge.org/FeedMe Thank you very much, Ellie



JOIN THE FLOCK!  Will you consider making a meaningful difference in the lives of our amazing rescued turkeys by sponsoring one of them?  For just $10.42, you can feed one turkey for an entire month and for a mere $125 you can feed one for an ENTIRE YEAR!


This holiday season, why not gift yourself, your friends, and/or your family a TURKEY SPONSORSHIP instead of a turkey dinner??

RIKKIS - Ellie the Turkey

Our turkeys at Rikki’s Refuge  ~ Ellie, Mr Turkey, Clementine, Thomas, Claire, Tillie, and Everett ~ are sweet, playful, social birds.

RIKKIS - Turkey 2

And if you sponsor one of our beloved turkeys, we will email you a PDF photo of thanks of one of the kids (that you could frame to announce your gift? hint hint!).

RIKKIS - Turkey 3

Now remember, it is only $10.42 to feed one turkey for a month, and $125 to feed one for an entire year!  

RIKKIS - Turkey 4 RIKKIS - Turkeys 2

http://rikkisrefuge.org/feedme and put TURKEY in your payment note OR send through PAYPAL directly to mail@rikkisrefuge.org and put TURKEY in the notes section of your payment!  It really is that easy!

RIKKIS - Sponsor a Turkey 1




On Ebay through Thursday 11/27/14 for Rikki’s Refuge!


“Baccarat crystal ornament green angel with horn” – Ebay auction item – 100% proceeds to Rikki’s Refuge – bidding open until Thursday morning 11/27/14!

VIEW & BID HERE: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Baccarat-crystal-ornament-green-angel-with-horn-/321592315508?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4ae0654e74

This is a BEAUTIFUL crystal ornament! The angel measures 3 1/4″ tall. It has a pretty red cord for hanging. It is in perfect condition! No scratches or chips. Comes in it’s own Baccarat box, too!

Proceeds from the sale of this ornament will go to Rikki’s Refuge, a no-kill, multi-species animal sanctuary in Orange, Virginia.